About Us

How it started:

Core Prodigy was conceived due to the lack of progress in the fitness and rehab equipment market.  It’s no surprise that exercise is good for you. Exercise has been proven to:

When we launched in 2014, we felt that the current exercise equipment available was boring and antiquated.

not another boring exercise core prodigy

So, we decided to mix it up and invent products that were more effective, user-friendly and exciting to use.   Here are some of the innovative products that we’ve created so far:

1st and flagship product:

Brady Aller (Core Prodigy founder) dreamt of a fluid rolling system to exercise your core and nearly every muscle in the body.  After many prototypes, the Core Coaster was born. Now on its second (larger) version, the Core Coaster is changing lives with it’s progressive and effective workouts.

Core Coaster ab and core strengthening by Core Prodigy

Prodigy Fit (P-Fit):

Many companies sell push-up bars, but have you ever seen a multi-functional push-up set that can also act as parallette bars that are sturdy enough to hold the weight of an elephant?  Check out our P-Fit.

P-Fit Handstand by Core Prodigy


Python Power Twister:

As a youngster, Brady Aller was obsessed with the power twister spring exercise bar.  However, standard power twisters lack features that would enable a large swath of the population (with various strength levels) to effectively use it. After many different concepts, the Python Power Twister was born.  The larger handles enable users with all different strength levels to exercise multiple muscle groups with the portable convenience of a spring device.

Python Power Twister by Core Prodigy


Active Stretch:

Have you ever tried to use the current stretching straps on the market?  They are all about 1 inch wide and incredibly uncomfortable and stiff. So, you guessed it… we created the Active Stretch which is a wide loop, soft stretching strap with a little “give.”  We guarantee it will provide the best and most comfortable stretch of your life.  


Cherry Bomb Roller:

If you are keeping active, chances are you’ll need something to relax your muscles and relieve tension and pain.  We looked into different heating devices but didn’t want a disposable product that would fill up landfills when finished.  With the goal of coming up with a reusable heating device that would retain heat for ~ 5 minutes over and over again, we created the Cherry Bomb Roller.  The Cherry Bomb can be microwaved for 1 minute and provides a soothing thermal heat with the size and hardness of a lacrosse ball. It can be used for years without any degradation.

Wrist Blaster:

Another obsession of the founder is wrist rollers. Brady Aller can recall buying a wooden dowel at a hardware store as a child and drilling a hole in the middle, attaching a rope & weight and rolling it up to strengthen his forearms, wrists, and hands.  With the popularity and effectiveness of “fat bar training,” the Wrist Blaster will definitely provide an awesome workout for your grip and forearms.

Wrist Blaster Forearm and Grip Exerciser  

 Here's a quick video of our other products and some motivation!