Core Prodigy Fit Push-up bars can be used as parallettes
Pushups with the P-Fit from Core Prodigy
Dimensions on the P-Fit exercise bars
Prodigy Fit (P-Fit) - Push-Up Bars / Parallettes (2 pieces) - Includes Fusion Tape - Core Prodigy
Handstand with P-fit push-up / parallette bars
Core Prodigy Side Plank with Push-up bars can be used as parallettes

P-Fit Push Up Bars - Gymnastics Pushups Handstands Calisthenics Parallette Rotating Handle Bars Home Workout Floor Exercise Equipment

Core Prodigy

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  • Added Challenge - The P-Fit pushup stand is an ingenious, multifunctional exercise device that combines a stable and unstable platform for many different exercise variations. Includes 2 P-Fit handles and instruction poster.
  • Versatile Exercise Equipment - Use the P-Fit as pushup bars, parallettes bars, calisthenics equipment and more. Do better push ups, handstands, stretching, dips, gymnastic moves, planks, and more.
  • Strong and Durable - These handstand bars are constructed with thick gauge powder coated steel has been tested to withstand weight in excess of 400 lbs.
  • Convenient and Space saving Exercise Equipment - This P-Fit push up bar has been configured with a perfect circular angle of handle that aim to prevent wrist fatigue for better motion performance.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - All of Core Prodigy’s products are designed in the USA. Each product is inspected with the highest quality standards. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will make it right.

The Prodigy Fit or P-Fit is an ingenious, multi-functional exercise device that combines a stable and unstable platform. Users can perform a multitude of different exercises. Why buy a product with only one function? Some of the exercises that can be incorporated in with P-Fit are push-ups (stable and unstable), balancing, stretching, dips, gymnastic moves, planks, handstands, and much more. WARNING: Push-ups on the unstable portion of the P-Fit can be very challenging (especially on hard flooring). Before attempting a push-up, try to use it in the plank position and slowly progress to a push-up. The Prodigy Fit (P-Fit) has a Lifetime Warranty! Core Prodigy covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship, regardless of the age of the product, but it does not cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use.