Testimonials - Core Prodigy

Throughout my journey in becoming a professional Olympic Swimmer, I have experienced many different forms of recovery.  What’s great is they all have been useful in healing my body to be in alignment.  Overcoming seven hip surgeries using a holistic approach has had its challenges but mostly beneficial.  In the past four years I’ve used massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, hyperbaric chamber, IV therapy, light therapy, Nucalm, sound healing, cryotherapy, hydro massage, Bikram Yoga and other restorative yoga practices, meditation, fascial therapy, and a plant based diet.  My recent discovery is Core Prodigy’s Cherry Bomb Roller.  This product is absolutely amazing.  What I love most about it is the ability to release muscle tension while applying heat to relax.  I’ve learned a lot about recovery over the years and it’s just as important as training.  The Cherry Bomb Roller is similar to a lacrosse ball but with a twist.  You can pop it in the microwave for 1:30 creating heat to allow the muscles to relax while releasing tension.  It’s small enough to carry in your gym bag for after workouts and post race recovery.  Combining the heat element with pressure gives a much faster release allowing me to recover even faster after using it.  It’s the perfect tool for someone new to recovery and looking for a simple way to release tension.  There are many ways to use the Cherry Bomb Roller.  I start lying down applying the roller on my neck and continue down my body.  Depending on where the tension lies I will hold pressure in one place or move my body around working several areas at a time.  Once I’ve covered one side of my body I will turn over and apply to the other areas.  This has helped tremendously limiting the amount of chiropractic and massage therapy I use monthly.  Taking time just like I would for a workout with my recovery allows for more strength to develop.  I highly recommend the Cherry Bomb Roller to anyone looking to gain more flexibility and strength, creating a healthy balance in your body.  The art of recovery awaits you.

~ Sara Bofinger
Michael had a tumor in his spine L5-S2. He also had 4 tumors in his brain that altered his pituitary gland. All of his hormones are now under control with medication. With a passion to exercise and stay active, Michael describes his use with the Python Power Twister: "It’s been a crazy 2 years! It’s been hard to get a good chest workout being in a wheelchair. But with the Python twister, it a lot easier now. I love this thing. I have seen some great results in 2 months. I have turned some fat into muscle for sure."
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