Active Stretch wide looped stretching strap for hamstring
Active Stretch wide looped stretching strap dimensions
Core Prodigy Active Stretch Loop strap for gymnastics and cheerleading
Best stretching strap for all ages - Active Stretch
Stretch out with the Active Stretch for hamstring, hip and back exercises
Psoas and Hip Stretch with the Active Stretch
Hip Flexor stretch with the Active Stretch by Core Prodigy

Core Prodigy Active Stretch - Wide Loop Stretching Strap

Core Prodigy

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  • Stretching strap with loops for flexibility for Yoga, Physical Therapy, and general fitness. Use the stretch bands for physical therapy to rehabilitate and avoid further injury. The Active Stretch Bands can be used as a yoga stretch band, rehab physical therapy strap and exercise strap depending on your exercise routine.
  • Unique Wide Strap Design - Our soft yet rugged stretching band is much wider than other exercise straps in the market so it can hold the entire ball of the foot and engages more area for stretching. Made from soft neopene with a small amount of elasticity that is a perfect for legs and hamstrings, but also core, side-body, and arms.
  • Versatile Stretch Strap - Instruction guide to the perfect stretches included with every Active Stretch. Our stretch out strap is super portable for use at home or on the go for easy access to stretching equipment anywhere.
  • Increase Range of Motion to Improve Posture and Reduce Pain and Injury - whether you're looking for yoga straps for stretching or stretch out straps for physical therapy you'll get results that leave you feeling better in your own skin, less prone to injury, and more flexible.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - All of Core Prodigy’s products are designed in the USA. Each product is inspected with the highest quality standards. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will make it right.

The Active Stretch is a wide-looped stretching strap. The three-inch wide, soft neoprene material can capture the entire ball of the foot. This strap has 4 fixed loops and can be used for sports, dance, yoga, Pilates, MMA, cheerleading, preventing injuries, fitness and home stretching. Most stretching straps are made from nylon which makes them rigid. The Active Stretch is made of a soft material that has a little "give" or elasticity which is ideal for stretching. Your body is not rigid so don't use a stretching strap that is rigid! By Core Prodigy - Fitness Product Leader