Active Stretch wide looped stretching strap for hamstring
Active Stretch wide looped stretching strap dimensions
Core Prodigy Active Stretch Loop strap for gymnastics and cheerleading
Best stretching strap for all ages - Active Stretch
Stretch out with the Active Stretch for hamstring, hip and back exercises
Psoas and Hip Stretch with the Active Stretch
Hip Flexor stretch with the Active Stretch by Core Prodigy

Active Stretch - Wide Loop Stretching Strap

Core Prodigy

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  • Widest Stretching Strap. Can Hold the Entire Ball of the Foot. Engages More of the Area to be Stretched.
  • Soft Neorpene Material with a Small Amount of Elastic Stretch that is Perfect for Stretching.
  • Comes with a stretching instruction guide. 3 Feet Long & 3 Inches Wide with 4 Fixed Soft Loops.
  • The Active Stretch has a Soft yet Rugged Design and can be used for Athletic Warm-Ups to Yoga. Suitable for both adults and children.
  • By Core Prodigy - Fitness Product Leader

The Active Stretch is a wide looped stretching strap. The 3 inch wide, soft neoprene material can capture the entire ball of the foot. This strap has 4 fixed loops and can be used for sports, dance, yoga, Pilates, MMA, cheerleading, preventing injuries, fitness and home stretching. Most stretching straps are made from nylon which makes them ridged. The Active Stretch is made of a soft material that has a little "give" or elasticity which is ideal for stretching. Your body is not ridged so don't use a stretching strap that is ridged! By Core Prodigy - Fitness Product Leader