Core Coaster Starter - ab wheel - roller dolly slider exercise with band and knee mat
Core Coaster - Flyte roller rollout for abs mountain climber
Core Coaster ab wheel - roller dolly slider exercise
Exercise roller with wheels core coaster
Core Coaster ab wheel - resistance band
Core Coaster ab wheel - resistance band

2 Core Coasters Wheel / Roller / Sliders - Includes Knee Mat and Resistance Band

Core Prodigy

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The Core Coaster™ is one of the most dynamic exercise devices ever invented. Incredibly versatile, users can tone and build nearly every muscle in their bodies with an amazing array of exercises from beginner all the way up to advanced levels. The Core Coaster is portable enough to throw a pair in your gym bag or suitcase but affordable enough that you can have a set for home and away. Beginners can use the bands for assistance with the ab rollout and advanced users can use the bands for resistance with mountain climbers, crunches, and fish tails. One hand, two hands, and feet can be used on the Core Coaster. Dozens of exercises can be performed from the Glute Blaster to lunges to the Core Angel. Plank-variation exercises are superior to crunches or sit-ups. The ab rollout is one of the most effective core exercises. Why buy an exercise wheel or exercise roller when you can have 360-degree range of motion. Try it for yourself!

  • NEW DESIGN - Larger more stable design. Includes 2 Core Coasters, Knee Mat, Resistance Band, and Instructions Poster
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN - Why would you buy an ab roller or exercise wheel when the Core Coaster has been scientifically proven by the University of Alabama to activate the obliques 435% more than a traditional crunch and 300% more than a pike. The Core Coaster is the most versatile core strength and stabilization exercise device! The Core Coaster combines the Ab Wheel, Sliders, and Assistance / Resistance Training All in One Package!
  • HANDS OR FEET - Ab Wheel / Roller with 360° Range of Motion. Strengthen your core and entire body! For any fitness level (1-4 levels). Limitless exercises!
  • OUR GUARANTEE - We guarantee that you'll love it or your money back! Portable, versatile, sturdy. Works on almost any surface - wood, synthetic wood, concrete, rubber gym mats, thin carpet, linoleum, astroturf. The Core Coaster is patented.
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