Core Prodigy Rocker balance stability wood USA
Core Prodigy Rocker balance stability wood USA
Core Prodigy Rocker balance stability wood USA

Core Prodigy USA Made Wood Rocker for Stretch, Balance and Stability

Core Prodigy

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Multi-Purpose Wood Balance Board with Anti-Slip Safety Treads.  This balance board physical therapy tool is designed to stimulate your core and improve your agility, reaction time, strength and stamina.  Also ideal for an optimal stretch to your feet, ankles, calves, quads, hips and hamstrings. Aids in the rehabilitation of Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other lower leg injuries. Balance board can also reduce knee pain and help recover from Patellar Tendonitis. Balance board exercises can strengthen your ankle and knee joints, increase dorsiflexion, and provide nutrients for your cartilage. Daily exercise can deeply strength balance skill and stability. Core Prodigy manufactures this rocker board that can be used for stretching, balance and wobble-board fun. Our high-quality Rocker is hand made in the USA and is sure to last you many years to come. We stand behind our product. Size is 15.75" x 11.75". Height is 3.75". This Rocker can be used for stretching your calf and lower leg muscles. It is slightly different than most slant or incline boards in that it allows for rocking back and forth to get more of a dynamic stretch at many different angles.

  • BALANCE - Sturdy, rounded base allows the rocker to wobble for users to practice and improve balance
  • STRETCH - Rock the board to a perfect slant for optimal calf and achilles stretch
  • NON-SLIP - The top of the rocker has grip tape to prevent slipping during use
  • MADE IN THE USA - Built strong in the USA. Hand-stained and hand- made. Top size is 15.75" x 11.75". Height is 3.75"
  • CORE PRODIGY - Made by USA based fitness company that you can trust.