Like Nothing else

The Core Coaster is now a regular part of my daily workouts. It's like nothing else I have ever used to acheive and maintain a rock-solid core.

Alex Reyes KOTC Lightweight & Jr. Welterweight Champion using the Core Coaster

no more ab wheel...

The Core Coaster is my new favorite fitness "toy" -it's new to me so I'm still playing around with it and learning variations. But for now, 3x10 and I'm stuck like chuck! ~~~~~~~~ I used to love the ab wheel until I found this. To me, it's superior because you can do tons of plank variations with one hand, two hands, and even feet, and it's a lot more comfortable on the wrists. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The trick is to keep the head down, keep your pelvis neutral or tucked slightly backwards so your back doesn't sway or sag (picture the rounded position you're in at the end of the concentric phase of a crunch, before you begin the eccentric lowering to the ground)

Lana Powers

training to that next level

My two largest problem areas have always come with getting full breaths of air between rounds & increasing my balance & core strength during fights to apply more pressure to finish. Adding the Core Coaster workouts to my past 2 training camps training camps has 100% increased my balance and stability by increasing my core strength! A big thanks for taking my training to that next level and helping my prep for Sept.26th!

Antonio Castillo, "The Mexican Muscle"

highlight image

look at this. Seriously?

So I just wanted to share a little testimonial with you guys about a product that I got lucky enough to have sponsor me and that would be Core Coaster by Core Prodigy. I've always been one of those people that have carried my weight on my mid section and absolutely hated working out anything core related. I'd get extremely bored and would give up pretty much before I even started. The past few weeks here I've been using Core Coaster a few times a week to help tighten up and I'm already impressed. I never post photos of my mid section because I feel it's a huge weak point for me but look at this. Seriously? I wish I had an older photo to compare it with. That's insane. Thank you guys for allowing me to be a face for your products.

Rach Wiley, Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Surprise - these actually work!

As a trainer I own A LOT of fitness equipment and have tried most of the “gadgets" out there, most of which are junk. Not this - it actually does what it's supposed to do and is very well made - quality construction, no sharp edges and sturdy. I've not seen another ab wheel/roller where you can attach a resistance band to both assist and resist your movements. This means you can progress or regress the exercises to your level of fitness. Check out the "core coaster" website and watch the YouTube videos - really shows what you can do with this device. When you watch the videos you'll know why ordering two makes sense. DO read the instructions included and WATCH the YouTube videos. While these are built sturdy if you don't follow the hand/foot placement guidance you can tip them and PLEASE DON'T STAND ON THIS with both feet and be surprised when you wipe out - they are NOT designed for standing on!

J. Smith, Trainer