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  • Core Coaster
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  • Super-Human Gripper
Balance and Conditioning
Core Coaster
Mountain Climbers
Fit Grips 2.0
with the Canon Curl
Fit-Grips 1.75
(1.75” O.D. for females)
Core Coaster
Rock Climbers on Knees
Prodigy Fit
Strength Training
Canon Curl
Arm Blaster
SuperHuman Grip
Adjustable Hand Strengthener
Canon Curl
Breast Stroke and Reverse on Knees
Core Coaster
Canon Curl
Fit Grips Sport
(sphere with 2.5” O.D.)
Core Coaster
Single Wax On / Wax Off in Plank or Knees
Core Coaster
Inch Worm
Core Coaster
One Arm Rollout with Resistance Band from Knees
Core Coaster
Hamstring Curl